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Enjoy true hospitality as Sparta's locals welcome you with open arms to this historic community. Founded by Quakers (you can peak inside the Quaker meeting house and cemetery), the community proudly celebrates its history at the Anvil and Forge museum, located in a straw and mud bungalow that’s almost 200 years old. Down the street, you have to stop by the Anything Used store which manufactures the famous Sparta Candles in a variety of pungent flavours, including their signature Spartaberry. In addition to a variety of home accessories, the store also offers homemade fudge (and there’s a Spartaberry flavour here, too). Also on the main street, stop by the studio and gallery of Peter Robson to browse his paintings, prints, and sculptures.

For a bite to eat, head to the Sparta House Tea Room . At this 1830s hotel with its grand double-decked verandah and colonial features, try a hearty ploughman’s lunch, scones, homemade chili on toast, or farmers’ sausage casserole – served with a cup of tea of course. As you enjoy your meal, take a moment to glance at the tea pot collection (numbering 350 pots, said to be the largest such collection in Southwestern Ontario).

Just outside of town there are two great attractions: Steed and Company Lavender (selling lavender products made from their own fields, such as lavender jelly) and Winter Wheat. The latter is one of the most unique shops in all of Ontario. This delightful folk art shop features the work of Lucy and Mike Ogletree, a folk art painter and sculptor respectively, as well as the works of other artists. Explore the pine tree forest around the board and baton shop to see Mike’s fanciful sculptures (such as a crow playing a full-sized piano) on display. They are made from everyday items and scrap materials, and often created using a variety of implements, including a chain saw.
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