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Small village Flesherton packs a big culinary punch
While many villages struggle to keep one decent diner or cafe and a shop or two in business, visitors passing through Flesherton in Grey County will find themselves torn between several great options. The 'Gateway to the Beaver Valley', Flesherton offers some of the best culinary experiences and shopping in the area.

The Flying Spatula - An ode to classic diners, but with modern flare and more healthy options than a typical greasy spoon. As any self-respecting diner would offer, there are burgers, but toppings ranch from kimchi to local duck prosciutto. There is a vegan Buddha bowl alongside a pulled pork sammy.

The Bicycle Cafe - This place takes breakfast (served all day) seriously. It's eponymous dish is a hot pepper rosti with eggs and ribeye, but they offer everything from plantains to huevo rancheros to classic pancakes. The eclectic menu takes inspiration from around the globe and combines this with a laid back vibe to create a great place to relax on a road trip.

The Bakery - There's nothing like a small town bakery to remind you what you're missing when you pick up a generic loaf or muffin from a big chain grocery store. In addition to a daily rotation of breads (like jalapeno cheddar and red fife), The Bakery offers a mouthwatering selection of sweet treats. Don't leave without a cinnamon bun or doughnut. They also offer sandwiches to go if you're planning on a picnic at nearby Hogg Falls.

Peasemarsh Farm - You can only eat so much in one visit, so why not take home some goodness for later? Peasemarsh Farm offers chef-made gourmet meals-to-go, perfect for families or busy professionals to heat up at home. There's something for everyone, including pork and apple sausage rolls for entertaining, Mongolian beef for the adventurous, and steak and mushroom pie for the traditional.

Flesherton Farmers' Market - Held Saturdays May through Thanksgiving.

The Flying Chestnut - Though not in Flesherton (it's in nearby Eugenia), The Flying Chestnut is one of those hidden gems people drive from hours away to visit. The ambiance of unique - part country pub, part general store, part antique shop. A seasonal and regularly changing menu offers flavourful dishes with an emphasis on beautiful presentation.

While you're in town, be sure to drop into the ArtsonTen gallery and head to the Cuckoo Garden out back. Though not a large space, this garden is overflowing with greenery, flowers, and unexpected sculptural pieces, including a bathtub fountain and a wheelbarrow hanging precariously from one of the whimsical slanted windows in the towering wood fence.

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