Ontario Museum and Art Exhibitions You Need to See This Autumn
There are hundreds of public museums and art galleries across the province, and autumn is often a time when these attractions will roll out exciting new exhibitions. Whether you’re looking for an educational day out with the kids or a cultural, adult getaway, there’s definitely something coming to a town or city near you Fall 2017.

Visual Arts Centre of Clarington
A convenient hidden gem for those in the GTA, this small art centre always puts on an impressive line-up of curated art exhibitions. For the month of September, visit this former mill to see a thought-provoking collection of works on Coming of Age. The gallery, which keeps its industrial feel with sturdy wooden pillars and exposed concrete walls, will showcase three accomplished multi-media artists – Mary Kainer, Ramune Luminaire, and Judith A. Mason – each approaching her 60th birthday. The displayed work will consider the competing visions of age (as both a time of rest and reflection as well as potentially loss and impoverishment) from not only a biological perspective, but a cultural and gendered view as well.

Combine a trip with a visit to Parkwood Estate in Oshawa (perhaps for an afternoon tea in their garden house) or an antiquing trip to nearby Port Hope.
Canadian Museum of History
Formerly known as the Museum of Civilization, this famous landmark may technically be in Quebec, but is a must-visit for any trip to Ottawa. In a break from its usually Canadian-focused fare (such as its current Hockey exhibition), the museum will host an exhibit from Dreamworks Animation that has travelled around the world. Celebrating 20 years of animation excellence, the exhibit reveals the behind-the-scenes art, technology and storytelling that goes into making movies such as Shrek, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon.

Art Gallery of Hamilton
This art gallery brings in world class exhibits from around the world, but also shines a spotlight on the Canadian experience as illuminated by art. From October 20 to March 18, one of their exhibitions is by Shelley Niro, a First Nations artist. She looks back at the forced relocation of the Haudenausaunee people to the Six Nations area of Southern Ontario and the challenges faced by the community since then. She places her contemporary work in conversation with works from past artists to tell the story of her people.

If you’re in the mood for history from a completely different perspective, visit the impression mansion at the Dundurn National Historic Site.
The Museum
Simply known as The Museum, this downtown Kitchener attraction is known for its often quirky and thought-provoking events and exhibits that you won’t find anywhere else. Their upcoming Model Citizens is no different. Starting in October, two photography exhibits will playfully look at our connections with technology, digital media, and each other. One exhibit is the web sensation Awkward Family Photos, presenting imperfect, yet idyllic family life. Whose Reality is It?, featuring photos by Joan Sanger, takes a critical and comedic look at the cultural implications of digital devices.

While you’re stretching your artistic and cultural mind, you can also expand your understanding of science and the universe by booking onto a tour or lecture by today’s Einsteins at the renowned Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.
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