As the ferry traverses the narrow watery divide between tourist haven Prince Edward County and the tiny Adolphustown, visitors will quickly realize these are two very different communities. Both have a strong farming background, evident in the many acres of perfectly maintained family farms. However, where Prince Edward County is now a booming culinary and arts hub, Adolphustown presents something of a time warp.

Those who spend an hour or so traversing its verdant fields, historic cemeteries, and churches will quickly get a feel for what life was like when loyalists and Quakers flocked here during the American Revolution. Life here is very much as it was, and you get the sense that residents like it that way.
A few of the spots you'll want to check out by car or bike:
-St. Alban the Martyr Anglican Church and its famous wall tiles
-United Empire Loyalist Heritage Centre and Park with its war memorial, small heritage museum (in a Victorian mansion), and campgrounds
-distinctive wooden Hay Bay Church
-Quaker cemetery
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